Due to the quality of our products, survara floors have a 15-year guarantee for brushed-pore floorings and 20-year guarantee for protected-pore floorings. This information is displayed on the purchase page of each of our floors, where we also indicate the type of pore and the guarantee that applies in each case.

We expose the coverage details of our floors guartantee below:

Our guarantee will only be fully valid when each and every one of the following conditions are met:

The veneers selected for producing our flooring line are made of high-quality wood. As a natural product, they are unique pieces and will have different grains, tones and hues. These differences, inherent in wood, are precisely what give it its exclusive character. They are, therefore, marks of authenticity and cannot be considered as grounds for complaint.

The varnishes used also have a natural origin. Like wood, they may present alterations due to their exposure to light, heat or other elements. These alterations are normal and will not be considered as grounds for complaint.

The guarantee covers all the defects derived from the manufacturing process. However, in case of a legitimate complaint, the manufacturer reserves the right to decide on the repair or replacement of the product. The replacement will only include the damaged parts. Assembling and dismantling expenses will not be included.

The guarantee covers only the first installation made by the customer. It does not cover any subsequent modifications or alterations.

The customer must follow the instructions provided with the product for the proper installation of the floor. In case of a complaint, we recommend proving that such instructions have been followed.

Planks with obvious, visible defects should not be installed. If they are installed, the guarantee may not cover them afterwards. In case of defects, the distributor or the manufacturer must be contacted directly within 15 days after receiving the product. A claim must be sent along with a copy of the purchase invoice.

Each product in the collection resists an abrasion level corresponding to the standard level of protection that is indicated. The manufacturer does not accept any liability in case of scratches, impact damage, consequential damages, damages caused by improper handling, and damages caused by an improper installation and/or maintenance.

Impacts from heavy objects that can produce burns or abrasions should be avoided. Direct contact between the flooring and the furniture should also be avoided. It is advisable to protect all the contact areas in the furniture with felt. You can also insert a protective surface, like a carpet, under wheeled furniture. Likewise, it is recommended to protect the entrance area by placing protective elements such as a doormat. That way, scratches made by small rocks or gravel can be avoided.

Even using the same veneer and the same dying product, it is impossible to create an identical finish in floorings that have been manufactured at different times, or that have been exposed to sunlight differently. For that reason, to guarantee the maximum possible homogeneity of the floorings, we recommend that your order is placed entirely at the same time. That way, the entire flooring can be manufactured at the same time and it can be installed within the shortest possible time. In the case that a replacement is needed, a colour sample must be sent to the manufacturer so that they try to match the finish. Otherwise, the manufacturer may not be held liable regarding any tone differences.

Physical samples and photographic reproductions only serve as an example of the appearance of the product. They are only provided as a reference and are not binding in any way.

The manufacturer’s guarantee does not cover non-domestic uses of the product. If you need floorings for other uses that are duly covered by the guarantee, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly, so that you can establish the most appropriate guarantee for the specific use that will be given to the flooring.

The manufacturer’s guarantee will not cover anything else outside of what is set out in this document.